15 Puzzles for Cool Cats and Kittens

What is it about cool cats and kittens? Cats are independent, sleek, intelligent, and aloof. The characteristics we use to describe cats are exceptionally… human. Even our relationship with cats can reflect the disfunction of our human relationships. We seek their approval, yet they can act cold and indifferent. Just as we decide to give them their space they wrap around your head and purr into your ear. While you reflect on this uncomfortable bit of self-discovery, check out the puzzles below. Not only do humans describe cats with human attributes, now we can spend hours piecing together puzzles of cats doing human stuff. Where is this relationship going!?!

1. Professor cat teaching a very important lesson.

Professor cat teaching a very important lesson.

2. Norman Catwell. Yep, that’s the name of the puzzle.

Cat painting a self-portrait that looks like a tiger.

3. Sunbathing on the beach.

Cats enjoying a day on the beach with their kittens.

4. Reading the Daily Tabby.

Cat reading the Daily Tabby newspaper while sitting in a litter box.

Alert!! If you have scrolled this far down the page smiling at cats acting human, then you might be the neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady (or Gentleman). But seriously, if you are pregnant, plan to be pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, please read this Scientific American article about the dangers of cat litter for fetuses.

5. Grumpy cat holding an ice cream cone while a watermelon umbrella rains seeds.

Grumpy cat holding an ice cream cone while a watermelon umbrella rains seeds. Really, that's what it is.

6. Boss cat wearing a three-piece suit.

Gray boss cat wearing a three-piece suit.

7. Cat Yoga.

Collage of various cats doing yoga.

8. Cat on the beach selling . . . (wait for it) . . . cat fish!

Cartoon of cats and dogs enjoying a day on the beach.

9. Cat practicing the piano with as much enthusiasm as most human children.

Photograph of a kitten playing a piano.

10. Cats buying and selling hot dogs.

Cat selling a hot dog from a hot dog stand to another cat.

11. Cats reenacting a scene from the movie Titanic.

Cats standing in a boat named Catanic reenacting the scene from the Titanic movie.

12. Just having a beer with a frog.

Gray cat having a bear with a frog.

13. An obvious puzzle for cool cats and kittens, but the bass player has no strings.

Cartoon of French cats playing musical instruments.

14. Cat taking a bath with a loofah – never.

Cat in a bathtub looking out from behind the shower curtain holding a loofah.

15. What? I’m solving today’s’ Soduko.

Heard of Sudoku but don’t know how it’s done? Check out this video for Sudoku beginners.

Cat with eyeglasses laying in couch reading a newspaper.

Wait! Scroll back up. You forgot to buy a puzzle.

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