15 Unusual Jigsaw Puzzles on Amazon That Are Real Head-Scratchers

At LovePuzzles.com we believe every person deserves a puzzle, but the list below proves that every puzzle may not deserve a person. Scroll down to see some of the most unusual and head-scratching jigsaw puzzles available on Amazon.com.

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1. Because nothing says I love you like a dog’s butt.

2. You know how sometimes you get embarrassed for someone because they don’t know to be embarrassed for themselves? There is a puzzle for that.

    3. Studies show three out of four dogs read the newspaper while on the toilet . . .

      4. . . . but chimps and frogs have difficulty concentrating.

        5. This is not a “weird fish puzzle” as the Amazon product description states! (Really, that is how it is listed.)

        6. Dogs doing yoga. It’s a real thing.

        Check out this article Why You Should Do Yoga With Your Dog, And How To Start.

        7. Two police dogs having tea together and one is explaining why he forgot his shoes. Yep, that’s the puzzle.

        8. A gift for that special someone who refuses to stop and ask for directions – ever.

        Not into unusual jigsaw puzzles? Check out this selection of puzzle maps.

        9. This is just wrong. Moving on.

        10. Which is more head-scratching? That someone would work a 42,000 piece puzzle or that someone would pay $1,100 for a puzzle? (Hurry, only 13 left!)

        11. What the hell is going on at the North Pole?

        12. Grumpy smoking octopus – the obvious Mother’s Day gift.

        13. It’s cute, but the source of the puddle must be explained.

        14. Whatcha thinking about Mr. Skeleton?

        15. So the year 2020 comes down to an arm-wrestling contest? . . . Sports are back!

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