16 Puzzles of the Most Beautiful Libraries – Real and Imagined

Recorded human history exists and persists because of libraries. However, the contents of the library are only part of the story. Libraries represent some of the most amazing architectural wonders and exquisite interiors in the world.

Enjoy this short video tour of beautiful libraries and then scroll down to select a puzzle to enjoy.

1. Boston Public Library – Boston, Massachusetts

2. Admont Benedictine Aebbey Library – Admont, Austria

3. Fisher Fine Arts Library – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. New York Public Library – New York, New York

5. Johns Hopkins University George Peabody Library – Baltimore, MD

6. University of Dublin Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland

7. Library of Congress – Washington, D. C.

8. Seattle Washington Public Library

9. Library of the Melk Abbey Austriahttps://melk.bvoe.at/index.php

10. Fantasy Puzzle

11. Seek and Find Antique Library Puzzle

12. Luxury Library with Globes

13. Maybe better described as hoarding than as a library.

14. Beautiful Library Staircase

15. A game of Jenga with books?

16. Magic Globe in Fantasy Library

Still looking for the right puzzle? Keep scrolling.

Monumental Library

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