We LovePuzzles and We Love Fiona the Hippo!

This 3-year old hippopotamus has become an internet sensation and from the video below it is easy to see why. Her personality is as big as her hippo molars. Fiona is the first Nile hippopotamus to be born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years. Although we would rather Fiona was swimming free in Africa, her lot in life is to serve as an ambassador for wild hippos. The hippopotamus is listed as “vulnerable” which means their population is decreasing. Visit the African Wildlife Foundation to learn more about hippos and the challenges they face.

Below is a selection of hippo puzzles for your consideration. We even included a puzzle of Fiona’s namesake – Fiona, Shrek’s wife.

In somewhat related news, here is a shout out to the Hutto Hippos in Hutto, Texas. The only high school in the nation with a hippopotamus for their mascot. Go Hippos!

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