What is a group of frogs called?

Frogs are amazing. For example, did you know there is a frog in Indonesia that breathes entirely through its skin? It has no lungs! Frogs are also gross. Once every week frogs shed their skin and eat it? Yuk! And frogs can be deadly. Only one gram of the toxin from the poison dart frog can kill 100,000 people? (Wonder how they tested that theory? You would think by the third trial volunteers would have started to drop out of the study.) So what is a group of frogs called? Scroll down to learn about all types of animal groups, including frogs.

One last point. Ranidaphobia is the fear of frogs. It’s a real thing Patty.

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A group of butterflies?

A kaleidoscope.

Rainbow of Butterflies

    A group of owls?

    A parliament.

      A group of elephants?

      A parade.

        A group of flamingos?

        A stand

          A group of frogs?

          An army!

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